Accurate Metering Products & Services, LLC, commonly referred to as AMPS, is a full service utility sub-metering and billing company that helps property owners, management companies, and HOAs of master-metered properties recover their ever increasing utility expenses through tenant bill back.

Incorporated in 1989, AMPS was initially a division of an established electrical design & contract contracting company headed by Harold Orum since the early 70’s. He utilized sub-metering as a means to quantify the results of the energy efficiency measures he implemented as electrical consultant or contractor for high-rise office buildings and department stores. The division eventually became its own entity, and to help clients manage their utility expenses further, continuous meter monitoring and recurring meter reading & utility billing where added as part of AMPS’ core services.

The company maintains its mission of providing utility cost recovery that is accurate, fair, reasonable, and equitable to both management, and end-users.

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