Residential Sub-metering

Residential Sub-metering

AMPS provides accurate, revenue grade and type approved sub-meter equipment, as well as consulting, system design and layout, installation (affiliated groups), installation project management, commissioning, reading & billing services, and, certified reporting.   Metering systems can be electric, water, gas, BTU, or a combination.

Automated Meter Reading, or “AMR” technology is utilized to monitor utility use and is the best method to quickly collect meter data. AMR equipment allows remote access to meters. It saves time, increases efficiency, and eliminates sending a meter reader to locally record (manually read & write down) meter information, which can be costly and is subject to human error.

Residential sub-metering for tenant billing:

  • Remote Readable Meter Systems
  • Electric, Gas, Water & BTU Sub-metering
  • Monthly Tenant Bills
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Utility Audits
  • Meter Testing & Calibrations Services
  • Resolve / Mitigate Tenant Disputes
  • Full Reconciliation with Utility
  • Utility billing requirement compliance

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