• “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”
  • End-user metering & billing increases tenant awareness, and establishes accountability.
  • Billing end-users accurately and fairly incentivizes them to reduce consumption, typically by about 20% to 40%.
  • Over-all decrease in utility cost + property owner recovering cost = lower operating expense = higher NOI = Higher ROI
  • Great investment and great for the enviroment!

About accurate metering

Accurate Metering Products, LLC, commonly referred to as AMPS, is a full service utility sub-metering and billing company that helps property owners, management companies, and HOAs of master-metered properties recover their ever increasing utility expenses through tenant bill back.


Our Products

Not one meter manufacturer has the solution for all applications and so several brands are available.

Our services

Accurate Metering Products & Services, aka AMPS works with developers, property owners, HOAS, architectural firms, engineers, and contractors.

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Sub-metering is the measurement and allocation of the individual tenant, apartment, department, or process in a master-metered building, facility, or campus.