Electric Meters


Electric Meters

Sub-metering is the measurement of individual tenant, apartment, department, or process consumption in a master-metered building, facility, or campus.

Electric meters can be programmed to include KW, KVA, KVAR, and the local utility Time-Of-Use schedule.  Meters can be configured for “after hours” usage, or can have a customized schedule as needed.  Meters we carry and support meet or exceed Weights & Measures requirements.

  • Auditing energy use
  • Verify accuracy of utility bills
  • Allocate energy costs to specific departments or processes
  • Assign accountability
  • Identify equipment and process problems
  • Determine equipment and system efficiency
  • Audit “before and after” energy usage for energy conservation projects such as LED retrofit, solar generators, power factor correction equipment, etc.
  • Discover opportunities for potential energy efficiency improvements
  • LEED accreditation
  • Renewable energy monitoring
  • CA Energy Commission Title 24 compliance

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